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There's a lot of attraction points that we can introduce to our guests in Bintan Island.
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Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva / 500 Arahants Temple
Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva / 500 Arahants Temple is built on a hilltop with many stone sculptures statues of 500 arahants, guanyin & etc. It's very relaxing and windy with nice view and we can see many nice sculptures statues in this open air concept temple. The air is so refreshing even the local said they'll feel happy after visitting the temple. The temple is located at Jalan Nusantara km 13 Kijang, Tanjung Pinang.
Avalokitesvara Graha Temple
The biggest building become landmark shows Dharmasala Shrine as the main building. A statue of Goddess Kuan Im (the figure is in sitting position with height of 16.8-meter) is placed inside the shrine, is claimed to be the biggest in Asia & become the symbol name of Avalokitesvara. The statue is made of brass coated with 22 carat gold. The gate of the monastery is located right on the edge of the highway. While the main building Shrine (Main Dharmasala) is about 500 meters inside. Monastery's main building shows the typical building style of ancient Chinese kingdom.
Banyan Tree Temple
An unusual chinese temple sitting below a gigantic, spreading banyan tree. The story goes that an old man had wanted to die in his house and be buried in it. A tree then grew around the house. Villagers came to make offerings and ask for favours, which were granted. As the time flies, the house eventually became a temple. Till today, devotees from many places make their yearly pilgrimage to visit this shrine, believed to bestow good fortune for them & family..
Raja Haji Fisabillah Monument
Raja Haji Fisabilillah died during the battle of Malacca against the Dutch in 1784. A 28-metre tall Monument was erected in his memory as the national hero of Bintan Island. He was a famous Malayan king and had his palace (istana) on the island Penyengat.
Grand Mosque of Sultan Riau
The main attraction in Penyengat is the acoustically perfect yellow mosque, built in 1818, still standing tall and well-preserved. Its charm lies in a fairytale local belief that the mosque had been built with the egg whites lovingly presented by loyal subjects on the eve of the sultan's wedding.
Ramayana Shopping Centre
Ramayana is the biggest shopping centre in Tanjungpinang. Things like fashion, stationeries, amusement centre, handphone accesories, digital printing, fast food, cosmetics are offered here. Ramayana is located on Jl. Wiratno.
Bintan Indah Mall
Bintan Indah Mall is one of shopping complex located Jl. Pos, not far from Ferry terminal. Shops inside this mall provide service e.g : foot reflexology, souvenir, fashion, shoes, hawker centre, fast food, IT products, handphones & accesories, etc.
Bestari Mall
Another shopping complex which is located at Jl. Teuku Umar. Products that are offered here including fashion, bags, shoes, book shop, amusement centre, souvenir, banks, etc. KFC is also nearby. Another interesting place that you might want to visit is "Kacapuri", an art convention centre in the city, just a few walks from Bestari Mall.
Traditional Market
Known as "Pasar" provides all the daily needs for locals everyday including rice, vegetables, meats, fishes, fashions, shoes. Many local snacks & specialties can be found here such as cuttlefish, otak-otak, kerupuk, sweets, dried bilis & etc. Suggested to go there early in the morning.
Trikora Beach
Located around 50 km away from the city (eastern shores of Bintan Island). Trikora beach provides beautiful & isolated beaches with its powdery white sand & clear pristine waters. Trikora Beach is also a recreation place for the locals during holidays & festive seasons. There are several huts along the beachside which also act as stalls during the holiday seasons, selling some local snacks.
Tepi Laut
Tepi laut (seaside in English), is a very interesting place for recreation in the afternoon, especially for young people. Many hawkers sell variety of local delights at roadside. The air is so refreshing in which might make you want to rent a bike & cycling along the way at Tepi laut. Try Jagung Bakar covered with milk, Kacang Panggang, ice cream & many other foods offered by local hawkers.
A small town not far from Trikora beach, is a fishing port where fish auctions are frequently held. Being the only deep-water channel in the North-East, Kawal is also the fishing centre of Bintan. From the bridge in the centre of the town, it's a view of fishing boats, wood houses and storage yards. A bit of the past at Kawal is a place once used to make charcoal from mangrove wood called "bakau". Before you visit Kawal, you might want to visit "Gesek", another small village that provide tasty food with reasonable price.
Blue Lake
Water inside this lake is so blue, that's why locals named this place as Blue Lake. A magnificient scenery that has attracted many teenagers come from city just to see this artificial lake. It's believed that this lake is formed because of previous mining activities.
Senggarang Island
The oldest temple in Riau archipelago can be found here. Locals believe Senggarang was the first home for Chinese immigrants a long time ago, who then spread throughout the other island of Riau archipelago. Temple complex including Chinese and Hinduist worshipping places. This includes a 40-armed statue and several animal deities. From there, you can walk to a stilt house village to visit its local market for nice local food. There are boats going from Tanjung Pinang piers to Senggarang frequently, haggle for price.
Penyengat Island
Penyengat is a historical small island located about 6 kilometres offshore from Tanjung Pinang, which was a religious, cultural & administrative centre of the region in the 19th century of the Riao-Johor sultanate. The old ruler's palace & royal tombs, among them the grave of the respected Raja Ali Haji, who also was an author of the first Malay Language grammar book.
Akau / Food Street
Akau is a night food court located at Potong lembu street, Tanjung Pinang. When the sun is set, the street will turn into a food centre composed by series of food stalls. Many delicacies can be found here e.g : gonggong, otak2, sting ray with very reasonable price.
Melayu Square
Melayu Square is a food court located at the seaside. Located in the open, we can see a variety of unique Tanjung Pinang culinary in this place. The majority is seafood, of course it also serves tradional Malay food as well.
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